8 Priceless Tips for Traveling With Golf Clubs

8 Priceless Tips for Traveling With Golf Clubs

8 Priceless Tips for Traveling With Golf Clubs
8 Priceless Tips for Traveling With Golf Clubs

If you are going to travel with your club, check out this video and 8 simple steps to protect your wand.

This will save you and allow clubs to reach the endpoint as part of the time you are doing.

Travel is stressful so you don’t have to worry about your club.

1. Travel bag: There are two main options: hard or soft side bag. I know people who have used both of them and

traveled but only have a soft side bag. A hard bag provides more protection, but it doesn’t work very well beyond

that. They have zero “give” and it will be difficult to fit in and around your car. From what I’ve heard, even if you give up a little bit of protection, you won’t get a hard bag.

We offer high-quality soft side bags. When I say high quality, I mean don’t hold back at all – you’ll be glad you didn’t

cut corners at all. Club Glove makes the best travel bags by hand. Follow the wheeled versions, otherwise, you will

regret moving more than a few meters. Their “Last Bag” is used by many PGA Pros people and will give you an idea

8 Priceless Tips for Traveling With Golf Clubs

of the quality. These are not the cheapest, but there is a reason. Do you really want to buy equipment that costs more

than $ 1,500 in a cheap, skinny bag? I know I don’t know!

2. Protect Your Driver – What was it? Want your cheapskate but good protection? Another option from their catalog

is the Stiff Arm. If your bag falls on your head, it’s an adjustable cane that protects a long cane. All you have to do is

extend your stiff arm 1-2 ″ longer than the longest club. It costs just $ 26.95 and is the best way to ensure your clubs

as part of it. My dad plays a dual role and has the last bag, which uses a stiff hand. I think it’s much better than using

a hard box, but in case of damage, airlines will still not be covered.

3. Mark your territory – Don’t do it on cheap paper labels from the airport. Put a double-label and secure it to your

8 Priceless Tips for Traveling With Golf Clubs

travel bag. I have 2 pieces in my travel bag to measure really well. To be on the safe side, I have another club inside,

and if people with luggage have a field day with my equipment, or if it breaks all over, they can find me. If you don’t

have a club or don’t have a club, save on your club’s rental income and expenses.

4. Extra pillows and extra clothing for protection – rainwear, for example, wrap an extra towel around the head of the

club. Don’t leave your valuables in your bag. If you have a range finder or GPS, you will want to pack the people in

your hand luggage. If you’re going on a big golf vacation, it’s always safe to carry extra shoes, two favorite balls, a

sleeve, and gloves. Push push, so you can always buy it in a specialty store, but it is always cheaper to bring your own.

5. Fly straight! If this is not possible (due to schedule or price), try to rest for at least an hour to allow time for your

8 Priceless Tips for Traveling With Golf Clubs

luggage to arrive at the associated fligh

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8 Priceless Tips for Traveling With Golf Clubs

t. At the airport, it may be a little uncomfortable, but it’s worth proving that

your clubs fly from plane to plane. Think of it as a great opportunity to have a beer between flights. Just have fun and

try not to lose touch (my brother and I did it once and had to change tickets for the next flight 2 hours later – what a pain).

6. Protect your investment: Before you put everything in your travel bag, take a few pictures with the time and date

stamp. This will officially record what you put in your bag. (Club guides are also available.) If you are a regular

traveler, you may want to buy a ride from your insurance company. It is relatively inexpensive ($ 30-50 per year)

and much cheaper than buying a replacement. As with all forms of airline liability, clubs will not be harmed if they

8 Priceless Tips for Traveling With Golf Clubs

are not rigid. So you need to choose your own poison when choosing a personal rider, hard side or soft side, which

mixture is best for you. I think a high-quality soft side will provide the same amount of protection as a hard side, but

it doesn’t cover some of the responsibilities.

7. Invoice gear: When you arrive, go straight to the luggage area and find out where to bring the clubs. Get your clubs

first, especially if they’re taking you somewhere else.

8. Transport your gear: If you’re going on a golf vacation, consider delivering your gear to a friend or location.

There are special services that can help you, but they are not cheap.

8 Priceless Tips for Traveling With Golf Clubs
8 Priceless Tips for Traveling With Golf Clubs